Women's Lacrosse

Total Skills Girls Lacrosse is a uniquely designed program that brings female athletes of all ages, skills, clubs, and teams together to train in a fun and competitive space. Here at Total Skills, we emphasize fundamental stick skills, footwork, and personal player development to help athletes achieve their goals. Our goal is to instill confidence in female athletes in an environment where they are supported in their athletic journey and encouraged to reach new levels of excellence.

We offer highly sought after private training, group training, speed & agility training, and strength & conditioning programs to give every athlete the training opportunities and knowledge they need to succeed. We are dedicated to giving your athlete coaching from a highly skilled and qualified coaching staff; each of our lacrosse coaches has played collegiately and has experience in coaching at the elite or college level.

Join us for year-round girls lacrosse training at Total Skills to prepare you for your future and respective lacrosse programs!


Sorry, there are no events at this time.