THe formation of the new total skills will improve the operational efficiency so that the coaching staff can focus more of their time helping athletes achieve their goals. In addition, Total Skills is building brand new ~20,000 square foot indoor multi-sport facility located in Doylestown (expected to open in late 2021).

There is an updated schedule within each sport page.

  • Unvaccinated staff must wear masks at all times (inside and outside)
  • No parents are allowed inside Intensity Sports Training  to reduce numbers in the building
  • Masks are optional for athletes 
  • Everyone entering Intensity Sports Training must enter through main door and exit out the back door to reduce congregating in the lobby

Our teams are designed with a long-term view on player development. While tryouts are intended to give new players to the program an opportunity to showcase their talent and earn a spot on one of our teams, we value more than just playing ability when building our teams.  We are big believers in the value of team chemistry - something very hard to develop without a commitment of time.  Building chemistry between players and coaches requires a certain amount of program loyalty from both the coaches and the players. We will always welcome new player candidates to our organization, but we take a long-term view on team development, and want players and families that aren’t hopping around from team to team each season in search of the ‘perfect situation,’ which can only be achieved with investment and effort by coaches, players, and parents.


The full tournament schedule will vary by team, however, the teams generally play in local and regional tournaments.  In 2021, teams will play in PDC, MSI, and BSE tournaments.

The current coaching staff is listed within the baseball page or click here.

2021 was a banner year for Total Skills Baseball, with more players in our program than ever before.  As we look to the future and continue to build the region's premier program, we wanted to provide additional context on why Total Skills offers the best developmental program for youth baseball players. 

We pride ourselves on the design, management and communication around our teams, practices, and competition.

  • Team practices are run like college programs and staffed with professional coaches
  • Small Group Trainings, focused on specific skills and individual development, are available to our players and run all year long at a fraction of the cost of private lessons.
  • We limit tournament rosters to ensure maximum playing time and rotating subs
  • Development is the core of our program, and we prioritize development over winning
  • The program is currently based out of the Intensity Sports Training facility and will soon break ground on a state-of-the-art facility opening in Doylestown in 2022.
    • Total Skills has access to premium, convenient, outdoor practice field locations 
    • The program is led by Coach Bob Spratt, with decades of experience and an expansive network of coaching relationships along the east coast. 
  • Team Specific Notes:
    • While our primary focus is always on running quality practices and development, we recognize the desire to remain highly competitive in tournaments. Therefore, we are planning to field one team at each age level, with a roster of no more than 13 players for the Spring and Summer. 
    • The 13U (Graduating Class of 2027) and 14U (2026) teams will train throughout the winter, and in the Spring and Summer they will practice 2x/week and compete in tournaments. These teams will participate in TWELVE tournaments throughout the months of April through July, approximately 3 out of 4 weekends.
    • The 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 15U (2025), Futures (16/17/18U) Teams
      • Winter: teams will train throughout the winter
      • Spring: during the Spring, these teams will train ~1/week.  
      • Late Spring/Summer: these teams will participate in tournaments during the months of June and July, approximately once every 2 weeks (after high school season and community baseball for 15U/Futures, and after Districts/States for 9U-12U).
    • Our 9U-13U teams will play in a variety of local tournaments, such as MSI, Philly Baseball, Big Show, Diamond Nation, BSE and/or USABL
    • Our 14U/15U/Futures teams will compete at many of these same tournament venues and be entered to compete in Perfect Game events.
    • Our 14U+ teams will also participate in Total Skills “Team Camps”, which gives them an opportunity to play and receive feedback from college coaches (D1, D2, & D3 coaches from across the Northeast).
  • Total Skills team members will be included in our mentoring program, where they will hear about playing in college, the commitment needed overall and where they need to improve to have an opportunity to play at the next level.
  • Total Skills’ exists to service the development of youth athletes in our community.  As a business, we aim to earn a reasonable profit that will allow us to expand our programming, access to the best coaches and facilities, and expand our geographic reach.  To that end, we decided to buck the trend of vague pricing in our industry, and give transparency into how our Tuition costs are allocated.  Our hope in doing so is to give parents comfort in knowing that their investment is going towards quality coaching, conveniently located facilities, and premier tournaments.

Tryouts and coaching oversight is managed by Coach Thomas Spratt. If you have any questions, please reach out to Thomas at thomas.spratt@totalskills.com.


Total Skills will participate in various tournaments beginning in April and ending in June/July. There will be no tournaments on holiday weekends!

Total Skills athletes can expect to play in tournaments in PA, NJ, DE, MD, and VA. Total Skills is open to all tournaments up and down the east coast. The tournament schedule is published in March so travel arrangements can be made.

Total Skills will have at least two practices per week. The parents and players will receive a full practice schedule at the beginning of each month.

All players will be equally evaluated during the tryout period. The parents will be notified via email of those players selected to be a part of our 2021 season.